Greater Toronto Area Wedding Officiant
(Servicing Toronto, York, Durham, Peel,  Halton Regions and Surrounding Areas)

The Reverend Dr. Pipe Major Kenneth B. Bice CD D.D. KGSJ ("The Piping Padre")

Contact information: e-Mail: or
By Telephone at my residence at (905) 852-0344 or on my Cell Phone at (647) 227-6232

Toronto Wedding Officiante Q&A and Links

Questions and Answers

Q.    How long does a ceremony take?

A.    We tell couples the average length of time is 15-20 minutes, but could be 
        more or less depending on the couples wishes.

Q.    Can we include children in the ceremony?

A.    YES children of all ages can be included in the ceremony. They can be ring 
        bearers, flower girls, part of the bridal party, assist with readings or anything 
        you may wish to have them involved in.  If you don't know what you would like 
        but want the children involved, we can make suggestions.  Even those still 
        learning to walk can be accommodated.

Q.    Do we have to memorize anything, vows for instance?

A.    NO, you may do so if you wish, but it is best to just repeat them.

Q.    Can we write our own vows?

A.    Yes, we encourage your to be creative.  You can even write words for the 
        exchange of rings.  In fact you participate and contribute  as much as you 
        would like to during the creation of the ceremony you wish to use.

Q.    My partner does not speak English well, do they have to say anything 
        during the ceremony?

A.    Yes.  However, generally only an affirmative response to a series of 
        questions, such as simply stating "I DO" or "YES".   Often we have both 
        partners in the marriage simply say "I DO" for the vows for example by 
        changing from "Please repeat after me" to "Do you, "Name of the Partner",
        take "Name of the other Partner, to be your "Husband /  Wife or Partner", to 
        have and to  hold, etc.  At then end the  partner simply says "I DO".

Q.    When does the officiant arrive at the venue for the ceremony?

A.    Your officiant will generally arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the 
        ceremony. This allows them to ensure the ceremony area and items
        being used are prepared, such as signing tables, tables for other 
        ceremonies which may be  included such as candle or sand ceremonies.

Q.   Can pictures be taken at the ceremony? 

A.    Yes. We encourage couples to have a photographer, videographers and their 
        family and guests take as many pictures and videos' to capture one of the 
        most  wonderful moments in your lives.

Q.    Is a rehearsal needed?

A.    No, but I recommend as do many moms, wedding planners and bridal books, 
        that the couple and their bridal  party should walk through the processional, 
        where each person is placed during the ceremony and the recessional.  You 
        may not need your officiant to be present.  If you wish your officiant to be 
        present, there is an additional fee. However, during our planning meeting we 
        do discuss much of this so you can hold your own rehearsal.  If you wish, the
        planning meeting can  be scheduled to coincide with a rehearsal at no 
        additional costs. 

Q.    Do you travel outside the Greater Toronto Area?

A.    Yes. Travel to locations outside of the normal area of service generally has a 
        surcharge for primarily travel cost or if an overnight stay is required, possibly 
        the cost of lodging (i.e. such as a trip to Ottawa or Windsor for example). 
        Otherwise an estimated costs of travel for gas is calculated at $0.10 per km 
        outside of the circumference of the service circle (north of Barrie, west of 
        Hamilton, east of Cobourg).

Q.    We just want to elope, can you assist?

A.    Yes. We can officiate a small ceremony at my home or your home or friends 
        home. We also offer simple signing ceremonies for this purpose.

Q.    We want to get legally married before we head to or return from a 
        Destination Wedding, can you assist?

A.    Yes, We can provide a simple signing ceremony for this purpose.

Q.   What if we cannot get a marriage licence in time for the wedding 

A.    There are a number of reasons why a marriage licence has not been obtained 
        prior to the wedding.  However, most wedding venues, photographers, 
        limousine services, caterers, musicians or DJ's have been booking in advance 
        with some non-refundable deposits.   If this should occur for whatever reason, 
        we are prepared to officiate the ceremony (you will not legally be married after 
        that) and have you sign various documents to make the ceremony real to your
        guests.  Then we get together once you have obtained the marriage licence 
        and perform  a simple signing ceremony to make the marriage legal on that 
        particular date of the simple signing.

Q.    What if one or both of us is divorced?

A.    There is not problem getting a marriage licence, providing you have proof of 
        the divorce  and the divorce occurred in Canada.  If the divorce took place
         outside of Canada the couple  must apply to the Registrar General of Ontario 
        for  permission to obtain a marriage licence and this can take a few weeks to 
        several months. 

Q.    When should be obtain our  marriage licence?

A.    You should obtain it before our planning meeting which takes  place no ealier
        than 30 days before the wedding.  The marriage  licence is valid for 90 days
        from the date of issue.

Q.    Can a child be a witness?

A.    In Ontario the legal requirement for witnesses is that they know right from 
        wrong and have an understanding of what they are witnessing.  So YES a 
        child could be a witness. 

Q.    Can there be more than 2 witnesses (say 4 or 6).

A.    You can up to 4 witnesses, as space on the marriage licence, record of 
        solemnization of  marriage and marriage register do not have  space for more 
        than 4. I often provide a second record of solemnization of marriage made up 
        with a number of places for witnesses along with who the witnesses are, by 
        name.  I have had one certificate with 17 witnesses which also included one 
        pet dog with his dog print. we make  up the document on a  special certificate 
        type  document.

Q.    What does the officiant wear when officiating the wedding?

A.    Your officiant wears what the couple wishes them to wear.  There are a 
        number of optional forms of dress for the officiant when they celebrate the 
        wedding depending on what the couple would like them to wear such as:

            Business Suit, Shirt and Tie
            Business Suit, Shirt and Tie with Stole
            Business Suit, Shirt and Tie with Robe
            Business Suit, Shirt and Tie with Robe and Stole
            Business Suit and Clergy Shirt and Collar
            Business Suit and Clergy Shirt and Collar with Stole
            Business Suit and Clergy Shirt and Collar  with Robe
            Business Suit and Clergy Shirt and Collar  with Robe and Stole
            Highland Outfit-Kilt, Shirt and Tie, Day Jacket, Formal Sporran, etc..
            Highland Outfit as above adding clergy stole
            Highland Outfit as above adding clergy shirt and collar
            Highland Outfit as above adding clergy  shirt, collar and stole
            Tuxedo (Black Tie)
            Business Casual (slacks and shirt without tie)
            Other outfit provided by couple or sourced for couple by officiant:
                    Referee outfit - football, baseball, basket ball, etc. themes
                    Ring Announcer for boxing theme wedding
                    Santa Clause suit for themed wedding
                    Monk outfit for renaissance theme wedding
                    Movie character for movie theme wedding
                    Other theme weddings as requested.


                  Business Suit with Shirt and Tie
                  Business Suit with Clergy Shirt, Collar, Robe and Stole
                  Highland Dress (when both piping and officiating or when only
                      officiating) - the couple may have already arrange for  
                      another piper or have a friend that is a piper.
Q.    When both officiating and piping for a wedding how does that work?

A.    The couple chooses the piping services they would like to include.  Then
        if they have chosen for to have the bridal party and the bride piped in either 
        as a group  or separately or only the bridal  party as the bride will be entering
        to a different form of music, the piper plays the bridal party in then goes back
        and plays the bride in if this was requested.  Once the officiant / piper plays 
        for the final entry, the then complete playing and put down their pipes, pick
        up the ceremony and begin to officiate.   Following the signing of the
        marriage register, licence, etc., the officiant picks up their pipes, then comes
        to the front of the bridal party, introduces the couple, asks everyone to  greet
        them warmly and  commence to pipe the bridal party out, if this was requested.
        The officiant often pipes in the  groom and groomsmen as they would not 
        come into the ceremony area with them to get the groom, etc. to their places.

        NOTE: I often suggest to the couple that they not tell their guests that the
        piper will be also officiating the wedding, when it unfolds, the family and
        guests often comment later that they will remember the couples wedding
        because it was unique having the piper both piping and officiating.

Q.    Is  there an additional fee for the officiant to  also pipe for the wedding?

A.    Yes.  However, the fee is reduced substantially as the piper is already on site
        officiating the wedding, compared to what would be charged to have the piper
        only piping for the wedding.  It does cut the cost when both services are

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Musicians and Entertainers

Bagpiper / Piper

For information on pipers in your area contact:
  Pipe Major Rev. Dr. Ken Bice res. 905-852-0344 cell 647-227-6232


 Liane James 416-567-7753    

Mixed Instrumentation or Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartets or Larger Groups

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Wedding Venues
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Legal Assistance

If either of the couple or both have been married
previously and a divorce was granted "OUTSIDE"
of Canada, then the couple needs to apply to the
Registrar of Ontario to receive permission to 
obtain a marriage licence at the following

        Office of the Registrar General
        P.O. Box 4600 STN P
        THUNDER BAY, Ontario P7B 9Z9

If you required legal assistance you can contact
one of the following: coming soon

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